EJ Beauty  -

BEAUTY IS POWER "Feeling beautiful is feeling powerful"

Erica Jean's belief is beauty is a form of power.  All of us have inner divine beauty, It shines forth from within and is a reflection of our soul. Beauty is not narrowly defined version that is insisted by the fashion world. It is unique for each being, a quality you were born with. Living and believing in your own beauty is a reflection of divine beauty. Divine Beauty is harmony between the mind, body and soul. Divine beauty is transformed into power! Beauty exist in you, you must see it, know it, and feel it. Acknowledge it and others will respond to beauty’s presence within you. Focusing on self-love will bring much power, magic and healing. It is a natural feminine desire to to make yourself more beautiful. 

Divinatory Meanings. “‘Tis time to harness and radiate your own beauty, and to realize that by acknowledging your own unique attractiveness, your own beautiful qualities, you begin to BE beauty. Your job now is to embody beauty. If this feels daunting, know that this is not vanity nor is it an attempt to fit in. It is simply coming out from hiding. The world will benefit and you will be kinder, sweeter and more generous when you believe in your own beauty."
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